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PMCM’s Partners all have a basis of generalist education that qualifies them to efficiently handle the bulk of the common issues faced by a law firm. Over the years they developed, however, specific capacities in particular areas of the law to which they are primarily engaged, and so they can now guarantee a highly specialized and experienced treatment on the following main areas:


  • Participation as arbitrator in arbitration courts in Portugal and abroad, either in English or in another working language
  • Participation in arbitration courts on behalf of the parties to the dispute, either in Portugal or abroad

Civil and Commercial

  • Consulting and legal advice on contracts in general, follow-up of the contract negotiations
  • Drafting and analysis of civil and commercial contracts (leasing, buying and selling, lending, mutual, sales, shares, etc.)
  • Assistance to national and foreign companies in the survey, review and negotiation of contracts, national or international
  • Creation, monitoring and legal advice to companies, including mergers, spin-offs, consolidations, transformations, liquidations and other corporate affairs
  • Representation of clients in all corporate resolutions or before any entity, public or private
  • Monitoring and management of all corporate situations together with the Labour, Public Law and Litigation and debt recovery departments
  • Advice and representation in all areas of Family Law and Succession

Litigation and Debt Recovery

  • Creation of litigation services for companies, covering all areas of law
  • Monitoring and representation in pawns, foreclosures, inquiries, judicial sales, etc.
  • Pre-judicial collection attempts
  • Information about assets of debtor entities, location of credit receivables, and others
  • Collaboration with court officials and execution solicitors in the pawn demarches

Immigration and Nationality Law

  • The Immigration Department provides its clients with the legal services required to treat all matters related to obtaining, renewing and monitoring visas and residence permits, feasibility analysis, preparation, representation and obtaining the Portuguese Nationality to foreigners or foreign nationalities to Portuguese
  • The direction given to the cases is so that the results are timely, in particular when the acquisition of nationality is concerned, being our lawyers permanently in contact with the institutions, either national or foreign, with expertise in granting visas and nationality
  • For that every case has quick results and meet client expectations, these same cases are analyzed on the basis of the Portuguese legal system and based on comparative law applicable to the circumstances

Public Law

  • Advice and representation in administrative litigation
  • Advice and representation of public entities on all matters related to the public administrative activity
  • Public Law contracts
  • Analysis of projects and public infrastructure in line with national and international rules
  • Monitoring the launch of projects in "Project finance"
  • Preparation of studies and compatibility of projects in the areas of Maritime Law and Environmental Law
  • Advice and representation in cases of Tax Administration and Tax Law

European and International

  • Consulting and representation in litigation before the European Courts in all matters related to the application of the European Law
  • Consulting and representation in all matters related to competition, circulation of goods and individuals and service provision within the European zone

Golden Visa

  • Residence Permit for Investment Activity
  • PMCM has been very active in this area. We monitor our clients in all the steps necessary for the issuing of the visa, from the first moment, until its conclusion, through legal advice and assistance in investment to be made, preparation, negotiation and implementation of the affair, guidance and assistance after its assignment

Employment and Labour

  • Advice and representation in all matters arising from the employment relationship, either of the employer or the employee
  • Examination and drafting of employment contracts and others, human resource plans and adequacy of professional categories
  • Instruction of disciplinary proceedings and investigations in the company
  • Agreements and negotiations with labour unions and employers' associations


  • Advice and representation in all sorts of criminal cases and administrative offenses, regardless of the client's procedural position - defendant or plaintiff
  • Follow up on all procedural diligence under the Criminal Law
  • Monitoring and representation in civil actions and other related to the criminal prosecution
  • Criminal Corporate Law and economic crimes

Intellectual Property

  • Drafting, analysis and monitoring of contracts and negotiations in the field of industrial property rights and copyright law

Non-habitual Residents

  • Our firm has been dedicating special focus on monitoring of clients who are holders, or prospective holders of the Non-habitual Residents Statute, providing all the legal support necessary to benefit from that tax scheme in full.